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Big Profits On Amazon? Do You Want Them?

Big Profits On Amazon Can Change Your Finances Big profits on Amazon came from starting with eBay way back in the day.  Many think Amazon can result in much bigger profits and it is difficult to argue. The concept of making money on Amazon is pretty simple: buy low and sell high. The great thing

Easy Amazon Profits Are Available If You Know How

How I Make Money With Easy Amazon Profits from private labeling to affiliate sales to selling any number of products. Starting out as an affiliate with Amazon gave quite an education on what to do and how to do it. The affiliate side is where many people start and it is a great way to

Hesitant To Buy Website Traffic? I Have Been For Too Long

I Have Not Wanted To Buy Website Traffic Having been operating online for more than a few years, you would think I would  buy website traffic as a natural thing to do. I remember using PPC ads on Google back several years ago. Driving traffic to an affiliate website for a Disney discount ebook was

Total Freedom Podcast Is Live

Total Freedom Podcast Is Happening! The Total Freedom Podcast is something I have thought about in the past and it was something I really put on a back burner. I mean, I want to be like an Indy 500 car with this, not like a Yugo(no offense to my Yugoslavian friends but this car needed

Acting As God In Your Business?

Who Are You To Act As God In Business? God in your business? One of my great mentors, Dave VanHoose, tells a story about acting like God in his business. As he tells the story, he was running ForeclosuresDaily.com and was presenting at a seminar and at the end of the event, a new resident

Total Freedom Podcast – My New Focus

Total Freedom Defined For Me Anyone who knows me well knows I have been on an amazing and long journey over the last year or so towards total freedom. I have always had an entrepreneurial side but have also held on way too tight to my W-2 side. Yes, I have hung on to my


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