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What You Did Not Know About Snapchat?

What You Did Not Know About Snapchat?

You tend to always use an app because your friend or a loved one uses it or because the advertising tricks of the app work out for you.  But this app, ‘Snapchat’ unlocks a world of tools, features and tricks that will make you go crazy for it.  Here is an outlook of what Snapchat is all about, what you did not know about it and how to profit from Snapchat?

Snapchat, meaning in short.

Snapchat is a video, photo and messaging app which was launched in 2011.  The photos and videos sent lasts for a brief amount of time before disappearing permanently, however you can save a snapshot of it.  This distinct feature has made the app go famous among its users.  It is mostly used by teenagers as well as adults.

Features you didn’t know about.

Sending a Snapchat. 

Sending snaps is one of the most used features of Snapchat.  You can send your snap to your friend, just select recipients and tap the second arrow icon that appears on screen.


You can always message your friend along with sending him stories and snaps.  This option comes handy like in other apps.

Send money

This application on Snapchat enables you to use your debit card to pay for goods or just send money to your friends.   You can just enter in your debit card details which will remain secure with Snapchat.

Discover stories

Snapchat Discover, this feature permits or empowers you to find stories from specific editorial teams.  Every editorial is refreshed daily and hence maintains a revitalized vibe.

Use photos from library

This feature is great for one to one communication.  Though snaps have to be taken live and sent right away, yet while directly messaging with your friends you can always snap photos from the library.

 Use Text to enhance your snap!

The ‘T’ on the top of your Snapchat screen permits you to add Text to any video or photo you send.   You can create appropriate captions using this feature.

 Increasing the size of text

When you click the small “T” on the top right of your Snapchat screen, it allows you to add a caption to any photo or video you snap. But the text you get is small, and doesn’t really do a good job of conveying any sort of excitement or powerful emotion. But, by clicking the “T” button a second time the new font will be much larger and bolder than the original font.

 Snap replay

 Once you send or receive a snap, it disappears.  However, Snapchat allows you only once in a day to replay the single snap a second time.


For teenagers who love to explore, emulate and stay connected with friends at any point of time Snapchat comes as a great App to do so. Catering to all needs from sending a snap to paying money this App makes you feel easy and cosy without any major hassles to solve.  A must try app for teens.


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