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My 1st Periscope

Yay! I Did My 1st Periscope Today

So I bit the bullet today and did my very 1st Periscope broadcast today. Here it is:


Well, I did learn a few things just jumping in feet first and doing my first Periscope. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Name the recording before you start broadcasting
  2. Double tap the screen to flip to the rear facing camera
  3. Slide down the screen to stop broadcasting
  4. You need to use a 3rd party app or website to download your recording

Let’s look at these one at a time

Name Your Periscope Recording Before Broadcasting

So I learned this one a little late. I did my first scope and went to rename it since I really did not know what I was going to call it and found no way to rename it.

I fired up my handy dandy Google search and to my dismay, I found I could not change the name of my already recorded Periscope broadcast. Oh well, live and learn I suppose. Hey, it was my 1st…

Double Tap The Screen to Switch Cameras on Your Periscope Broadcast

I have gotten pretty used to being in front of a camera and even have gone so far as to use a teleprompter setup for my iPad and DSLR Canon camera so I have gotten pretty familiar with seeing me as I am recording. I wanted the same for my Periscope Lice Stream and found it is super easy to do.

Once you start broadcasting, simply double tap the screen and voila, you are there!

Slide Down The Screen To Stop Your Periscope Broadcast

Okay, so I got through doing my 1st Periscope and it is time to stop broadcasting. So it makes way too much sense to have a Stop Broadcasting button, so you can actually do that by sliding from the top pf your screen to the bottom.

It can definitely be a little wonky, but in the end, it works, though I had to swipe a couple of times šŸ˜‰

You Need to Use a 3rd Party app or Website to Download Your PeriscopeĀ  Recording

This one was the biggest initial challenge. I wanted to be able to download periscope on laptop, or more specifically, download the braodcast above. I found that as long as you have not deleted the Periscope broadcast from your mobile device and the time frame has not passed, you can actually go into the settings on the periscope app for windows 8 or actually, any version of the app.

I immediately went in and did that and was able to send it to myself via email. I like to use Easy Video Suite for hosting my videos and they have a very easy import/upload option to get videos into the software.

Periscope made this a major challenge though. I could not just log into periscope, download or get the link and use it to import into EVS. Nope, I had to download the video, upload it to Amazon S3 and then use the link from Amazon to import my periscope broadcast into EVS.

Well, I am making it sound way more complicated than it actually was. It was pretty easy once I figured out it was faster than I thought.

Oh, I almost forgot: How did I download the Periscope recording?


I fired up Google and did a search:

Then, I found a very easy site to use:

Fortunately, I tried uploading the video to EVS as soon as I downloaded it and it converted the broadcast into an mp4 file, the best for online videos.

I simply saved a copy of the mp4 to my desktop and used that file to upload to S3.

So that is a look at what I learned doing my 1st Periscope broadcast.

So What Is Next With My Periscope Broadcasts?

I think I am going to use it as I build out my next product. I am relaunching my best selling Amazon program, FBA Domination. This course got over 850 people making money online using Amazon. I am updating it and taking it to the next level with some AWESOME and killer strategies and tools to make money FAST on Amazon.

I think it will be fun to peel back the curtain and see how I put this together. I believe this will be fun to show with a Periscope Live Stream, or maybe even multiple one.

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