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How to Advertise on Periscope

Periscope has quickly become the new trend in being able to reach out to your customers since it was acquired by Twitter. Periscope has only been around since about March of 2015, but it is quickly becoming the go to tool in order to reach out to all of your new customers and existing clients all over the year.

Twitter has announced that it is able to create and to forge a personal relationship with the customers by creating a real life relationship and to have access to sponsored events. Many fortune 100 brands have been using it like Target, VH1, Adobe, and Taco Bell and have been using it to allow users to stream events in real time.

In addition to that there have been many new companies who are choosing new strategies and approaches that allow Periscope to have an incredible way to advertise and have very authentic relationships. We are going to look at 3 of the most unique ways that other companies have used Periscope as a platform to engage with clients in a unique and incredible way for the first time.

  1. The St. Germain: Peep Show on Periscope

The very first live stream on Periscope was a peep show and it was one that was a first for the company and also for the application. There was an immediate like with the campaign and it had over 55,000 likes right out of the box. One thing that was really amazing about the campaign was that it also offered the show in broadcast quality which is a first for many of the technologies out there. The show was the perfect way to show the sexy nature of the brand which considers itself to be the pinnacle of Parisian life.

  1. GE and Droneweek

Drones are something that are relatively new to us. However, GE is looking at the way that they do business and has jumped onto the wagon right away to ensure that they are able to show differences in the ways that it is possible to show the technology as well as to look at all of the facilities of GE. The company spent over 5 days showing the drone which was flying over the locations on the USA and also was working interacting on Twitter with two different profiles. This was creating a new way for drones to interact as well as a new way for Twitter and Periscope to be used together.

  1. Dunkin Donuts: A Summer Soundtrack

When you are looking to make sure that you have an incredible reach, you want to use Periscope. Dunkin Donuts discovered over the summer that they were able to reach millennials and new customers by releasing a custom video for the summer every day. Since most people watch over 100 years of video film per day, Periscope is a natural way to be able to engage the younger generation and know you are reaching customers

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