Hesitant To Buy Website Traffic? I Have Been For Too Long

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I Have Not Wanted To Buy Website Traffic

Having been operating online for more than a few years, you would think I would  buy website traffic as a natural thing to do. I remember using PPC ads on Google back several years ago.

Driving traffic to an affiliate website for a Disney discount ebook was working pretty well. Until it didn’t anymore.

Then, one day it stopped working as well as it used to. Pretty quick, the Google charge on the credit card was higher than the affiliate earnings.

Going back to the drawing board, I realized I’d make more driving traffic to my own website and keeping 100% of the sale.

This lasted for a little while and one of the many slaps came around from the Big G.

A New Strategy Was Needed To Buy Website Traffic

The decision was made to step away from all of that and focus on affiliate launches and selling services. To this day, people still pay me to create membership websites for their launches.

The occasional small business customer finds their way to us as well.

This is not really a sound strategy.

Rich Schefren, the guru to the gurus has said, “You do not have a business until you can buy website traffic”.

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You do not have a business until you can buy website traffic.

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I have been fighting the urge for far too long.

Listening in on a webinar last night, the basic concepts of this whole game being about numbers was mentioned. In fact, it beat me upside my head.

Knowing this and actually doing it are 2 different things though.

Here is the basic info so you can make up your mind.

Buy Website Traffic By The Numbers

Let’s look at the numbers mentioned on that webinar:

Daily Budget:                                                 $1,000(I know, I was like…..WTH???? But stay with me)

Target Cost Per Click:                                   Under $1.00

Target Conversion Rate On Your Page: 25%

Target % Buyers:                                             5%

Buy Price:                                                             $297


OK, so those are the numbers and it looks pretty scary, right?

Let’s actually do the math now.

$1.00 per click X 1000 clicks = $1,000

1000 clicks X 25% Optin Rate = 250 Leads

250 Leads X 5% Buy Rate = 13 Buyers

13 Buyers X $297 Price = $3,861

Daily Profit = $3,861 Sales – $1,000 Ad Spend = $2,861 Profit

Do you want to buy website traffic now?

I Will Now Buy Website Traffic

Look, the $1,000 a day number still may seem a little large. heck, even the $297 product price might seem a stretch.

The guy conducting the webinar is exceeding these numbers every day, so it is definitely a viable option.

There are tons of places to buy traffic from: Facebook, Twitter, Google, 7 Search, Bing, Instagrom, Pinterest, Tumblr, BuySell Ads and a ton more.

Start out small and scale up, but don’t let the numbers scare you.

Take this and run with it cuz I sure am!


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