Kevin Harrington and I Spoke - John Racine

Kevin Harrington and I Spoke

John Racine and Kevin Harrington Speak Twice

My business is growing and experiencing some amazing things One of the most noteworthy is the conversation I got to have with Kevin Harrington of Shark tank fame.

I actually got to meet him twice in a very short period of time. The 1st, we were in the same flight out of Vegas and when we got to Tampa, the shuttle from the gates to the terminal was not running at 1 AM so I got to walk the ramp with him to the terminal.

What an incredibly humble guy. He asked me a ton of questions about who I was, what I did and why I was in Tampa. It spoke volumes to me to have him want to now more about me.

He was also very gracious and allowed me to get a photo once we got into the airport.

Kevin Harrington Round 2

The 2nd time I got to meet Kevin Harrington was at a high level marketing meeting and I actually got to spend 40 minutes with him along with my business partner, Jocelyn.

John Racine and Kevin Harrington.png

John Racine and Kevin Harrington.png

We got to pick his brain about our business and receive his feedback and advice. We were very fortunate to have 40 minutes because there was a small group of people who got to have one on one time with him but Jocelyn and I got to combine our time and maximize it.

He provided some amazing advice about strategy and marketing and even offered up a couple of personal contacts.

I was completely impressed with his down to earth style and very casual persona. He really impressed me as a guy you would like to hang out with. I mean this the guy behind Tony Little and a slew of other infomercial products. I mean he is the inventor of that genre of TV.

Right after the one on one, we got to have dinner.

Dinner With Kevin Harrington

There was a group of 10 of us who got to have dinner with Kevin and he was peppered with a ton of questions:

  • How Many Shark Tank Investments Go Broke
  • Why Did Kevin Harrington Leave Shark Tank
  • Have Any Shark Tank Deals Gone Bad
  • What Happened With That Golf Club Product

He graciously answered each and every one of the questions. For the record, the golf club product never went to a deal. During the due diligence, Kevin found there were a ton in retail locations and when these stores were called, most wanted to return them, lol.

I hear Kevin Harrington is writing a book so I can’t wait until it comes out.

He is a master and I took many, many, many notes and will be putting them into place asap.

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