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Live Events…Not You?

I was resistant to attending live events for a very long time. I mean, I was an internet marketer. I sat in front of a computer creating products and selling them without any personal interaction. Every once in a while, I would record a live video and use that in any number of places, but hey, that was enough, right?


I used to live in Orlando, Florida. I loved it there and really miss it, but I moved to Southern California for a job. What is unique about these to locations is there are a ton of live events inside of the internet marketing arena held in both places.

Between Orlando, San Diego and Los Angeles, I think they account for over 90% of the seminars and networking events conducted for internet marketers. I think the other 10% is Las Vegas. For the record, I have no desire to live there, LOL!

Back in 2014, the owners of JV Zoo were holding their 2nd annual Marketing Mayhem event, which, coincidentally enough, was a live event happening in Orlando.  See what I wrote about that live event.

What I had not considered was the actual human interaction of meeting someone I had a relationship with online. I met some amazing people there. People like Omar & Melinda Martin, Bryan Zimmerman, Anthony Aires, Todd Gross, and even Joel Comm.

Live Events Lead Me to a Book Deal

One of the greatest things that happened to me at that live event was getting to do a book deal with Joel Comm. Joel is a New York Times Best Selling Author so to have the chance to do a book with him was AMAZING.

Here is the book I got to be a part of with him:

John Racine and Live Events Lead To Results

Live Events results with John Racine

Had live events not been a part of my strategy, I would never have had the chance to meet Joel and to be a part of an amazing book.

Now, I am not saying that just by attending live events you will become a published author or even be a co-author with a New York Times Best Selling Author. but, by being in the room, amazing things will happen.

My 2nd Live Event Was A Game Changer

I have to admit I was kinda hooked on live events after the 1st one I went to. Since I did the book deal, my 2nd live event, just 6 months later, was the actual book launch at Marketing Mayhem 3 in San Diego.

I was super excited to be at a book signing with Joel and all the other co-authors selected to be in the book. It was pretty surreal to think of myself like a Stephen King signing books for fans.

It was during that book signing I met my soon to be business partner, Jocelyn. I rememebr signing all books with Stay Focused. I used that as a cue for myself to stay focus on the goal.

I heard Jocelyn in line with her friends and something she said struck me, so I used it. Stay Beautiful. I have struggled with how I feel about my appearance. I was teased as a child and still carried that with me.

Well, that signature I used resonated with her and we struck up a friendship. Later at the event, we heard Dave VanHoose speak. I mentioned Dave in this post about my new podcast. Dave is one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever heard.

Hearing is story and message, I knew instantly I wanted to be a part of his community. Because his story resonated so much, I went to the back of the room instantly to find out more.

Guess who else was at the back table a while later? As a result of what she heard, Jocelyn was back there too. Customers were offered a free ticket to Dave’s live event later that year.

More Live Events Were Coming

Due to our new friendship, Jocelyn and I stayed in touch prior to Dave’s event. While I was excited about my future, little did I know how much my life was going to change.

Seems like live events were becoming very common for me now. We attended the event and were actually paired up as business partners by our new friend Caroline.

Caroline is one amazing lady and much as I would love to tell you more about her now, I’ll save that for another day…

We, meaning Jocelyn and I, started digging into our new business. Our Powerday with Dave was really powerful. The entire day was spent honing our message so we could share our story.

Later, Presentainer taught us how to sell from stage and webinar effectively and with ease. This one was a true game changer for me. Consequently, I had a major breakthrough at that one.

The Bahamas Mastermind came next…

Speak in Dubai came after that…

Icon Builder came after that…

Speaking and Marketing Academy 3 is next on the docket.

Live events have really driven us over these last few months. My question is this: Why are you not attending live events?

If you knew you could change your life in a most dramatic and positive way, would you seize the opportunity?

Does your comfort zone feel just that, comfortable?

What do you have to lose?

Maybe better questions are: What do you stand to gain?

What will your future look like when you no longer have to worry about whatever you want to overcome?

How will you spend your time when you no longer have to worry?

How will you change and impact the world?

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