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Not Using Twitter? Big Mistake!

There Is More To Small Business Marketing Than Facebook

Look, we live in a day and age where anybody can get started with small business marketing by firing up Facebook and begin advertising to the 1+ billion users on their platform. They have become the game changer, leveler or gret equalizer so anyone, literally anyone, can get started online or amplify your current results.

I have learned over the last couple opf years as I dig into direct response marketing you have to have the right message to the right market, also known as Message To Market match. Facebook is an amazing way to target those who would be interested in the message you have.

For example, I kn ow many marketers who have made a fortune selling custom T-shirts through Facebook ads. Let’s say you want to sell a shirt that poodle lovers might want. You can create an ad with your poodle T-shirt and target poodle Facebook groups, poodle rescue organizations, poodle magazines and a ton more.

Social media has really opened up a lot of opportunity especially for small business marketing.

Twitter Marketing Is Even Better Than Facebook Marketing

Many people do not realize Twitter has an advertising platform and in many ways, far surpasses Facebook. You do not necessarily have to set up Twitter for business as anyone can create an ad and target a perfect audience.

Now, basic Twitter instructions will tell you that a message can only be up to 140 characters. This includes spaces and punctuation marks. This is not designed to be a lesson in how to write a tweet, but simply a reminder of the current limitations in your message.

What is cool is you can have an image in your ad or even a video. Just like some of the other sites for advertising a small business. But, what really makes Twitter marketing far superior than any other types of social media is the fact Twitters users typically have a higher socioeconomic profile than Facebook, Instagra, Youtube and others.

What is even better is the targeting you can do on Twitter.

How To Use Twitter For Your Business

Advertising for small business has gotten drastically easier with all of the social media platforms we have today. So how can you use Twitter?

You have a limited amount of space to write an ad, but you can put words on your graphic or a lower third on your video and drive traffic to your website or offline location like a store, restaurant or office.

You can use Twitter as a small business marketing tool and give away coupons for a discount or even a free product form your business.

But, let’s not forget about the targeting I mentioned earlier. Twitter uses information for gigantic databases of consumer behavior and you can use this data to specifically target your dream customer. This is how you start marketing your business for success.

Do you want to target a married woman from 25-45 who lives in the zip code 90210, drives a Lexus and watches Top Chef on Bravo? Believe it or not, you can actually do that

Want to target divorced men who have children, have their cell phone service with AT&T and bank with Wells Fargo? You can do that too!

The targeting is THE best reason in my mind to use Twitter marketing over Facebook.  They also have something called Leads Ads which allows a Twitter user to click a button and automatically get added to your autoresponder account. Granted, there are just a few with auto integration right now, like Infusionsoft, which I use, but you can still export a full list from Twitter and import into whatever autoresponder you use.

Twitter promotion & marketing has come a long way in the last few years. Are you using it for maximum potential?

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