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It’s Time For a Podcast

The Time Is Now For A Podcast

I have been involved in the internet marketing arena for some time now. In fact, too long. What I mean is, I have been dabbling with trying to make money online using a ton of strategies including affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, Amazon Private Label, product creation, website design, membership site development and many others, including a small podcast a couple of years ago.

To be fair, I have one pretty well, but I have been doing this while still working a full time job. I was not ready to quit my job yet. I Let me tell you, it has been f#@&ing hard balancing a job while trying to play small and run a business on the side.

Last year, I made the strategic decision to step up my game and start speaking on stages. I met one of my mentors, Dave VanHoose, at an event he spoke at and I instantly knew I wanted to do the same. A couple of months later, I was at his live event and soon had a new business partner and was hip deep in learning the best way to present and sell from stage.

So what does this have to do with a podcast? I am getting there…Keep reading…

Over the next couple of months, my new business partner and I went to some advanced training and masterminds to fully immerse ourselves in this new venture. A part of the process was doing something with Dave and his team called a Power Day.

During the Power Day, we developed a framework we called The Total Freedom Formula. Both my new business partner, Jocelyn, and I, were still doing the W-2 grind and wanted to achieve freedom. the Total Freedom Formula really just fit like a glove.

We then decided to work with a mentor as a private client and he started to help us focus the Total Freedom Formula into something more concrete.

The Total Freedom Formula Takes On A New Vision

As we began working with the new mentor, we decided to become media mavens. Jocelyn was going to focus on Instagram and I was going to focus on Periscope. Doing this, we got connected with some amazing people, especially on our trip to Dubai and Bahrain.

I mean Perry Marshall is a legend and I got to share 2 stages with him.

John Racine and Perry Marshall

John Racine and Perry Marshall

He is an expert on the 80/20 formula, also called the Pareto Principle. Basically, it says that 80% of your results come from 20% of your effort. This is some incredibly powerful information ANY business person can use with almost scary accuracy.

But, that is a story for another time.



One of the things that struck me with many of the people I have encountered along the way is their reach across multiple media from YouTube, to Twitter, to Facebook, to their own TV shows and yes, even podcasts.

I have listened to several podcasts for a while now including some familiar names: Pat Flynn, Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle, Russell Brunson, Digital Marketer, Todd Brown and a few others. This got my wheels spinning as I thought about these podcasts and these amazing people I was meeting who are dominating all kinds of media.

That begged the question: Is there a place for The Total Freedom Formula to have a podcast?

The answer I ended up on was, YES! Absolutely.

What Will The Total Freedom Podcast Be?

The goal of The total Freedom Formula is to take people by the hand to create freedom using true passive and recurring income streams. My friends in the internet marketing world will instantly jump in and say, I have a membership site with continuity built in, I have passive income.

I would agree to that statement, to an extent. For me to quit my job, I want that income to be sustainable. I have membership sites, but they become a challenge as people leave and you have to get more members to keep the income level up.

My idea for the Total Freedom Formula is something much better and reliable. Things like apartment buildings, oil wells, venture funding and other strategies most people don’t know about, or have misconceptions about.

As I starting thing about the podcast, and hey, what do you think about the logo:

John Racine Total Freedom Podcast

I knew I wanted to feature tactics, strategies, tools and experts who could shed light on these topics. in addition, I can use it as an accountability coach so people can see the process of achieving total freedom as I quit my job, and as Jocelyn does also.

The Total Freedom Formula is centered around 5 Core Components. I am not going to highlight them here and now as I will cover them in great detail throughout the podcast episode.

I am currently working on the 5 foundational episodes which will drive the podcast and be the basis I use to showcase the different ways people have achieved their total freedom.

This has truly become a labor of love and I know it will help Jocelyn and I to share our message about The Total Freedom Formula as well as enable people to make lasting change for themselves and their families.

The Total Freedom Podcast could not come at a better time for us, so now is the time. In the words of one of my mentors:

total freedom formula

Keep an eye out for the podcast. It is coming soon and it WILL change you life.

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