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Total Freedom Podcast Is Live

Total Freedom Podcast

Total Freedom Podcast Is Happening!

The Total Freedom Podcast is something I have thought about in the past and it was something I really put on a back burner. I mean, I want to be like an Indy 500 car with this, not like a Yugo(no offense to my Yugoslavian friends but this car needed some help).

What I mean is, I really wanted to focus on an immediate return on investment. A podcast takes a lot of work to get setup. From domain, to theme, to audio intro/outro, to special guests and other content, it can be quite a bit.

It is also a bit like running a marathon. Meaning, it is a long term play and one that pays dividends over time.

As The Total Freedom Formula came into existence, thinking long term was naturally a part of the process. Recurring income alone in the Build Your Freedom Vehicle step alone says you should have a residual income component and that takes time.

So I had to rethink through this.

My very dear friend, Caroline, pushed me to start the podcast and begin interviewing some of the most knowledgeable people we mutually knew.

The Total Freedom Podcast Takes Flight

So, a month or so ago, I was sitting down with some highly successful entrepreneurs and business owners to dig into their success and how they have gotten where they are.

You have to put The Total Freedom Podcast into context though. There is a formula or a system that drives the success and achievement of total freedom.

Pulling out the Total Freedom Formula easily provided a framework for the show. There are 5 simple components:

  1. Mindset
  2. Setting Your Freedom Goal
  3. Designing Your Freedom Vehicle
  4. Building Your Freedom Vehicle
  5. Automating and Growing

Each of the first half dozen interviewees each have done this and built large followings and successful businesses.

From the marketing whiz who operates like a hurricane and has virtually 10X’ed his business in the year I have known him.

To the Bahamian phenomenon who went and electrified her 1st stage after learning from one of the best speaker trainers in the world.

To the enlightened lady I spoke with this morning who who read me like a book and helped me to identify my own opportunities while being entertaining and informative.

The Total Freedom Podcast has a simple mission. Help you achieve Total Freedom which means you live life on your terms.

What’s Next For The Total Freedom Podcast?

The content is driven by what you you want and need in order to achieve the life of your dreams.

Unlike many other venues, you, the listener, are in charge.

Tell me what you want to hear.

Tell me who I should speak to.

Ask me your questions you want an answer to.

Let me know how I can better serve you on your journey.

We are all in this together. We are also stronger as a team than we are on an island.

Subscribe, rate and review the podcast and add your comments. This means I read all comments and use that to drive the content.

You can find the Podcast Here.


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