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Total Freedom Podcast – My New Focus

Total Freedom Defined For Me

Anyone who knows me well knows I have been on an amazing and long journey over the last year or so towards total freedom. I have always had an entrepreneurial side but have also held on way too tight to my W-2 side. Yes, I have hung on to my job(s) for far too much of my life never giving in to the greatness I know I have in me.

I yearned for total freedom but was never able to define it in a way I resonated with until last year: Doing what you want, when you want with whomever you want. Pretty simple and to the point, don’t ya think?

In order for me to get to this point, I really had to get frustrated to the point where I was NOT going to keep going the way I had.

I hit that point about 18 months ago but I did the typical “John” thing and brushed it aside. I know, freaking crazy wanting total freedom but sitting complacent.

Here was the life of John:

  • Get up at 4:30 AM
  • Drive from Orange County California to Los Angeles for “work”
  • Spend 10-11 hours in the office dealing with all forms of crazy expectations and people who “should know better”
  • Drive 90-120 minutes from Los Angeles back to Orange County California
  • Spend 30 minutes getting dinner ready
  • Eat and clean up from dinner
  • Work on my business/side hustle/whatever you want to call it
  • Rinse and repeat

Sitting and doing the math on it, spending 14 hours a tide tied to something that was doing nothing for entrepreneurial efforts really stung, and it stung HARD!

Total Freedom Required A Big Change

I was living a dream. Well, actually, it was a nightmare. A hamster spinning on a wheel was getting further in life, lol.

Then, out of nowhere, an opportunity presented itself.  I decided to bring in a partner to the business Chad and I had started. Once we did this, a world of opportunity started opening.

Pairing up with Speaking Empire, we went on an amazing journey which resulted in the Total Freedom Formula, our signature program.

This powerful program is designed to get you from nothing to a thriving business with passive income in a short period of time. We put our years of experience into this program so the learning curve was short, super short actually.

Joel Bauer calls what he does his life’s work and I really feel this is mine. You name, I have tried it: real estate investor, affiliate marketing, network marketing, long distance sales, home based travel agency, real estate tax maximizer, internet marketer, cake decorator, blogger and the list goes on.

Surely all this experience counts for something.

Realization About Total Freedom

There was a realization which came out of all this. It was many people do not know how to achieve, or more disturbingly, they cannot do it.

A mentor recommended a podcast. Yes, I have had one of those too.

Thinking about it, it really made sense: Bring in and feature people who are doing it.

10 years ago, the dream was there, but the skills and direction were lacking. I owned over $1,000,000 in real estate in Orlando but boy did I screw that  up!

No, I did not lose my shirt in 2008 like so many other unfortunate people did. It was far worse.

Have you heard the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know”? That was me.

I sold them all and made a pretty penny, but did not know how to defer taxes or maximize the income. That is an article for another day.

Knowing this, it is easy to understand why people feel this way. We have a bad habit of giving up on our dreams as we get older, forgetting about total freedom.

The Total Freedom Podcast was the spark that was ignited thinking about this.

Total Freedom In A Nutshell

The total Freedom Formula comprises 5 core elements:

  1. Mindset
  2. Freedom Goal
  3. Design Your Freedom Vehicle
  4. Build Your Freedom Vehicle
  5. Automate & Grow

In the program, there is a very important bonus step, but that is only for program members…

The podcast will feature content and experts who can speak to 1 or more of these 5 core areas. In fact, I have already recorded several episodes and the guests are some phenomenal people I have gotten to know.

Sharing the content this way is exciting because it is all actionable. It is actually doable by ANYONE.

The intention is really make the podcast fun, entertaining and informative. the site is up and is being built out to provide a lot of value.

The message is simple: Show the world how to achieve total freedom. The only question that remains is, are you on board with us?

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