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What Is Next…?

To Make Money Online Can Be A Struggle

I got started online several years ago with the dream of making millions of dollars per year so I could provide for my family and really get to enjoy life. Sure, I wanted the multi-million dollar mansion, the Lamborghini, the Gulfstream G650 and all the other toys you can possibly imagine up, but, I am not there yet.

I got a real jolt of reality when I started digging into internet marketing way back then. I became a classic case of the constant consumer, meaning, I kept buying and buying and never really figured out why I was not making any money, lol. Ah, the good ol days…

I know, and am not afraid to admit, my own psychology had held me back. For some unknown reason, I could not get my subconscious to accept I wanted to work from home and be my own boss. In fact, before I ever tried to make money with Clickbank or jumped into amy type of online marketing, I did in fact work from home for a real estate company based on the west coast.

That was a disaster waiting to happen. It was too easy for me to turn on the tv or head to the kitchen or even take a swim in the pool. I was the worst part-time work from home person ever, I am convinced of it. I realized then, I needed to work in an office, even if it was for myself.

Internet Marketing To The Rescue

I first started web marketing afetr I attended a big live event in Anaheim where there were tons of very high profile speakers and the last guy of the day, Stephen Pierce, caught my interest FAST! i learned all about affiliate marketing from Stephen and thus began my very long journey to work from home online.

make money online That was my 1st real tast of the online lifestyle and I was absolutely bitten by the bug. I started building these cool little auto-blogs which were pretty killer, or so I thought. They would pull content from Amazon, youtube, Shopzilla dn a few other sites so I did not have to do this manually on a daily basis. Work from home could not have been any easier this way, but boy did the money suck.

Even with Adsense, I was only making $100 a month or so at most. I like to think I am a pretty smart guy and I started doing the math from the event I went to and at a few thousand dollars a pop times X number of people, it dawned on me that internet marketing from the affiliate angle was not where the money was at so I decided to do the same thing Stephen had done and become a vendor.

Thus began an even bigger journey and education for me.

Work From Home Was A Wakeup Call

Look, I’ll admit it. I am lazy. As I have gotten older, I have decided to call it smart. What do I mean, well, I want to do the minimum work and get the maximum return. I think that mantra works well with internet marketing, but I have been very stupid as I have been online. That has really been the struggle for me.

I actually have a J-O-B. A W-2 if you will, one I thoroughly enjoy, but 1 I long to leave behind. Most people don’t know this about me. I have kept it pretty close to my vest for far too long. I watched Dr. Ben Adkins go from being very open about his chiropractic business while he was building his online business to someone who can make money online full time. Pretty damn inspiring.

I want to work from home online and I am sharing it with anyone who wants to  know. If I can give you some internet marketing tips that will help or inspire you, than I am going to do it.

I will not hide in the shadows anymore and only “try” the “make money online fast” route that has caused me so much angst.

Let me declare this hear and now: I do not have 40 ways to make money online, but I am learning and sharing what works. Will you join me on this journey?

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